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Vehicle Loans Personal Loans Share Rates Certificates Mortgage Rates

Effective as of: 8/1/2019
Loan TypeTerms and ConditionsAnnual Percentage Rate*
Personal Signature Loan
$15,000 Maximum Loan Amount60 Months Maximum Term*APR based on Term, Amount and Credit
Share Secured Loan
Max. Loan is 90% of Share Balance36 Months Maximum Term*5.99%
Certificate Secured Loan
Max. Loan is 90% of Certificate BalanceTerm Matches Certificate MaturityCertificate Rate Plus 2.50%
Overdraft Protection
$2500 Maximum Line AmountTerm Open for 3 Years*15%
VISA Classic
$500 to $5,000 Credit LimitsRate Based on Credit Worthiness *12.5% - 15% (Unsecured) - - - - - *10.5% Share Secured Card
VISA Platinum
$5,000 to $15,000 Credit LimitsRate Based on Credit Worthiness*8.40% - 10.90%

Rates are subject to change. Please call for current rate information.

For real estate rates please visit https://fpdcu.mortgagewebcenter.com/

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